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Company VALUATION consulting 

As a consulting firm in responsible economic performance, our goal is to contribute to the creation of a new economy that is respectful of both people and the environment. In addition to expertise in intangible assets, Goodwill also offers services in traditional financial valuation.

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socio-economic footprint

A company committed to socially responsible policies contributes to local social and economic development. This impact is measured by employee salaries and taxes paid by the company, purchases, as well as its core activity. There are direct and indirect impacts concerning many stakeholders – not only employees, suppliers, clients, but also society as a whole as well as the environment. Socio-economic impact assessment allows companies to determine the value that they contribute to the area of its activity.

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Valuation of biodiversity

Innovation is at the heart of Goodwill-management. In complement to our methods of territory and natural asset valuation, our team offers services in biodiversity valuations.