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facilities management support:
responsible construction and renovation 

Buildings’ performance is a major issue in energy transition policies of the French government. In addition to energy, we believe in the importance of evaluating all aspects of buildings and services provided to its tenants (in terms of health, accessibility, etc.). Goodwill-management accompanies clients in facilities and project management for building construction and renovation.

Why choose Goodwill-management for facilities management support?

You are a facilities manager and seek:  

  • Support for sustainable operations from consultants specialized in architecture and facilities management
  • Environmental certifications with our BREEAM and HQE-certified assessors
  • Develop a “Grenello-compatible” plan for your building with an ADEME method-based carbon assessment, a life cycle analysis with Cocon, or an environmental footprint through the Global Footprint Network’s methods.

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How can we help you construct and renovate buildings sustainably?


1 building plan

During the planning phase, we accompany clients in integrating sustainability into your goals and objectives:

  • Defining objectives
  • Prioritization of issues
  • Advisory in setting guidelines and specifications
2 building concept design

As architects and project managers, we offer our expertise in:

  • Analysis of preliminary designs
  • Technical advisory in tender documentation
  • Analysis technical specifications
3 building construction

During construction, we offer assistance in facilities management follow-up to guarantee the project’s respect of certifications, validate materials and equipment choices, and verify construction operations:

  • Follow up on construction to verify conformity to tender documents
  • Project reports and intervention in corrective measures when necessary
4 building follow up

At the end of the construction project, we ensure that sustainability initiatives continue over the lifetime of the building:

  • Verification of conformity
  • Training managers and building occupants on environmental performance
  • Implementation of follow-up measures

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  • Le Solaris est l’un des premiers immeubles de bureaux à énergie positive d’Ile-de-France.Pour réussir cette performance, SERCIB, groupe européen de

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