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Corporate social responsibility is a vital issue in confronting challenges of the present as well as the future, in order to develop an economy that is respectful of people and the environment. And yet the belief that CSR and its associated costs are a constraint on economic performance persists in many organizations. For 12 years, Goodwill-management has accompanied clients in creating synergies between CSR initiatives and economic performance.

Why a value-based CSR management?rbc objective

Goodwill-management has developed methods to manage CSR through value creation – to implement actions that are both responsible and sources of value for the company. Although costs are very simple to determine, benefits and avoided costs are often hidden.

You are a company, an association, or a public organization and you wish to:

  • Conceive and implement a CSR project that creates economic value
  • Evaluate the social and economic impact of your CSR projects with the help or our tools and methodology
  • Communicate to stakeholders the added value of your CSR policies

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Implementing profitable CSR actions

With over 50 studies demonstrating the profitability of CSR actions, Goodwill-management possesses a thorough expertise on this subject. With our methodology Thésaurus-RBC, we analyze and measure the social return on investment (SROI) of your CSR actions, whether they are in planning or already implemented. We demonstrate “hidden” benefits of these actions by evaluating the benefits in euros of social, environmental, and economic impacts.

Through our methods and tools, you can:

  • Conceive and implement a CSR project that creates economic value
    To calculate potential return on investment, our team measures provisional economic, social, and environmental impacts of these actions. A follow-up study then allows adjustments to the CSR initiative to better match the goals of the project.
  • Establish a balance sheet of CSR initiatives, or of one specific action, such as work environment improvements or telecommuting policies. We then offer recommendations to improve ROI of these actions.

For D2SI, an IT company, we demonstrated that their CSR policy regarding workplace well-being reduced turnover, which in turn decreased the HR department’s recruiting budget by 144,000 euros per year.


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