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Environmental footprint

According to the World Wildlife Fund, for over 40 years, our natural resource consumption has exceeded the planet’s capacity to replenish. Natural resource stocks are being depleted, waste accumulates more rapidly than it is treated – these effects threaten biodiversity, the economy, but also mankind in the long run.
A company’s environmental footprint is a measure of the pressure its activities exerts on the planet, estimating the land area necessary to produce natural resources that are consumed and offset pollution and waste that is generated.

Why measure environmental footprint?

As a complement to carbon footprint, an environmental footprint is measure of the impact of human activities on a natural environment. It helps organizations gain a global view of its environmental responsibility by measuring the biologically productive area necessary for its activities.

For your organization, the environmental footprint represents:

  • A tool that estimates pressures exerted on ecosystems
  • A sustainability indicator of your activities – because the capacity of the planet to replenish is insufficient with respect to human activity, organizations have an obligation to minimize environmental impacts
  • A management tool incorporated into environmental decision-making: identification and reduction of high environmental impact activities


How is environmental footprint mesured?

Aligned with the Global Footprint Network’s works, our tool that measures environmental footprint was developed with experts at the École des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

With the help of data from your organization, we calculate a global environmental footprint, then determine realistic objectives for reducing environmental footprint and recommendations to achieve them. We then accompany our client partners in implementation of these actions or equip employees to conduct follow-up analyses.

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