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CSR policy implementation

In a world that is constantly changing and faced with environmental, social, and economic challenges, the integration of sustainable development has become an important means of insuring the longevity and viability of an organization. Goodwill-management accompanies organizations in all stages of implementation of a rigorous and value-creating CSR policy.

iso26000 usWhy implement CSR policies?

A company that adopts CSR initiatives commits to ethical and transparent practices vis-à-vis all relevant stakeholders.

A corporate social responsibility engagement takes into consideration the needs of clients, employees, suppliers, civil society, and natural environment.

With over 100 projects completed in 12 years, we have developed a deep expertise in CSR implementation. Our savoir-faire relies on rigorous tools and methods, aligned with the ISO 26000, the international standard for corporate social responsibility.

You are a company, an association, or an administrative territory committed to sustainable development, and wish to:

  • Engage in dialogue taking into account the needs of all stakeholders
  • Integrate CSR at the heart of your organization in order to create levers of change and innovation while reducing risks
  • Engage and unite employees under socially responsible initiatives

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How to implement CSR policy?

We believe that CSR initiatives are credible only if they create value and are directly integrated to the heart of the organizations’ activities. Goodwill-management accompanies clients at each step of the implementation process.


1 csr diag
  • Evaluation of CSR maturity of the organization
  • Benchmark comparison of best practices for the relevant sector
2 csr strategy
  • Identification and mapping of stakeholders
  • Materiality analysis and identification of priority issues for the organization’s activity
  • Definition of an action plan aligned with ISO 26000
  • Creation of a CSR benchmark framework aligned with ISO 26000, adapted to the relevant issues of the organization’s activity
  • Value-based CSR management
  • Organization of shareholder consultation 
3 csr implementation


  • Accompaniment and support of teams
  • Implementation of procedures, defining KPIs, scorecards, etc..
4 csr eval
5 csr training
  • -Development and coordination of CSR workshops for company employees

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