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Your assets, your resources

intangible assets and value of buildings 

Buildings consume 43% of energy in France and generate 22% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. In order to reduce the sector’s impact and fight climate change, legislation concerning energy transition has established ambitious objectives for management of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Energy efficiency improvements, environmental performance, positive energy buildings: the buildings sector is constantly innovating in anticipation of future challenges. Goodwill-management accompanies clients in measuring value created by construction or renovation projects for the environment as well as for its tenants.

Your assets, your resources

facilities management support:
responsible construction and renovation

Buildings’ performance is a major issue in energy transition policies of the French government. In addition to energy, we believe in the importance of evaluating all aspects of buildings and services provided to its tenants (in terms of health, accessibility, etc.). Goodwill-management accompanies clients in facilities and project management for building construction and renovation.